“Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.”
– Gail Godwin

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C.T., Higher Education

I miss her ability to make tough situations digestible. Also, I've learned from her how to adapt in a majority ivory hue environment.”

C.M., Cosmetology & Esthetics Education

Dr. Kia taught me how to handle difficult situations and always remain professional and tactful.

D.N., Student

I loved her teaching style. Her presentations were always down to earth yet they challenged our thinking. She was an instructor who believed in the investment in the mental and physical well-being of her students.

A. W., Education

I want everyone  to know how much I appreciate the excellent writing services provided by Dr. Kia.  The attention to detail, great communication skills, and willingness to help made the experience amazing.

C.P., Counseling

The services rendered were absolutely excellent. I received a draft within days, and the final product was on point! All of my experience and accomplishments were compiled into a clear, concise, one page document. Highly satisfied customer.

S.S. Nursing Education

Exceptional. Empowering. Motivational. Impeccable! This woman took me as a floor nurse and molded me into the educator I am!

D.M., Education Leadership

The presenter is engaging and knowledgeable. She is relatable and presents information in theory and practice.

J.S. Education

She exhibits a winning attitude among her team encouraging them to view challenges differently. She uses deliberate exercises to help the team become a high functional department. She treats you with respect making you feel valued and worthy.”

A.G., Career Advising, Entrepreneur

Dr. Kia taught me how to think outside the box. When there's a problem, focus on the solution. And she also taught me countless tragedies on how to overcome stress whether at home or in the workplace.


V.L., Healthcare

The BEST experience by far! I haven’t seen better. She definitely understands her assignments when asked!”

C.M., Student

Dr. Kia is extremely talented and a blessing in the work she does. I was at student of hers at LSU where she served as an English professor and Director of Multicultural Affairs. Her presentations were always well-analyzed, innovative, and entertaining. While presenting you could honestly tell that Dr. Kia was highly interested in what she was teaching. She listens to her students, guides them, and never leaves them confused or with doubt.

J.J., Higher Education

I always love her presentations. Very in-depth and informative. She's amazing.