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Who We Are & Core Values

Dr. Kia Consulting is passionate about enabling learning for students and adults from all walks of life. We believe this starts with having highly competent professionals in both the corporate and educational setting who understand diversity, inclusion, equity, accessibility. We are committed to providing the highest quality consulting that includes guidance, professional development, strategizing, and research.

Commitment to Diversity

Dr. Kia Consulting is committed to reaching everyone, regardless of socioeconomic and educational status, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. The organization is committed to not only reaching all individuals, but teaching all individuals. DEIAB is more than research; it is a lifestyle of continuous learning and understanding.

Commitment to Education

As an organization that established its roots in education and a CEO with over a decade of experience as an educator, the organization breathes education, ensuring to promote the importance to all! Regardless of the setting, whether business or a school, the organization is committed to educating the whole person.

Commitment to Development

Self-development and personal growth are necessary to thrive. Dr. Kia Consulting is committed to assisting individuals with all aspects of developing and enhancing their own skills, and utilizing those competencies.
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